Radiologic Sciences Clinical Instructor and Student Published in National Professional Publication

Richard Merschen, MS, RT(R)(CV), a clinical instructor at Thomas Jefferson University’s Jefferson School of Health Professions (JSHP), and Amanda Robbins, a Radiologic Sciences student in the Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program, were published in CathLab Digest. This educational and professional publication for catheterization laboratory specialists published their article, “An Overview of Chronic Kidney Disease and Useful Strategies for Clinical Management,” in the March 2012 issue. Merschen and Robbins covered a background on kidney disease and methods to optimize patient outcomes.

“It is an honor to be published in the CathLab Digest,” said Robbins. “[These strategies] should be practiced more often in the cath lab, since a majority of the patients have some type of kidney issue. The patient is the most important person in the room, and their pre- and post-care should be looked at more seriously.”

The article gave an overview of kidney function, contrast-induced nephropathy and acute renal failure, as well as clinical trials and research data. It addresses chronic kidney disease (CKD) as a national health crisis, and lists those who are at greater risk.

Merschen says this is the fifth article of a student-teacher partnership series. “Each year, we [work with students] to [write] a collaborative publication with the faculty,” said Merschen. “We believe that it is a critical step towards creating high caliber students who contribute to the field, conduct relevant research and write at a scholarly level.” The sixth and final student-teacher publication will be released in the fall.

To read the article, “An Overview of Chronic Kidney Disease and Useful Strategies for Clinical Management,” in CathLab Digest, please click here.


About Thomas Jefferson University

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Published: 09-17-2012

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