Congratulations to Our Recent PhDs!

Kevin Basile, PhD: "Examining Mechanisms of RAF Inhibitor Resistance in Mutant BRAF Melanoma". Mentor: Andrew Aplin, Ph.D.

Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, PhD: "BAF57 Deregulation Orchestrates Novel Oncogenic Signaling and Prostate Cancer Progression". Mentor: Karen Knudsen, PhD.

Kelly Bryant, PhD: "Exploring the Role of Cav-1 Overexpression in the Prostate". Mentor: Isabelle Mercier, PhD.

Casey Trimmer, PhD: "New Insights into the Molecular and Cellular Functions of Caveolin-1 in Skin Cancer". Mentor: Franco Capozza, PhD.

Published: 06-21-2013

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