Recent Student Publications

Celestine Wanjalla ( MD/PhD student, Schnell Lab), in a recent publication in Virology, analyzed the impact of the pro-inflammatory cytokine granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) co-expressed with HIV-1 Gag by a recombinant rabies virus on the adaptive immune responses. Celestine was able to show a significant increase in antigen presenting cells (APCs) in response to GM-CSF expression. However, despite the increase in APCs, the primary and memory anti-HIV-1 CD8+ T cell response was significantly lower compared to controls not expressing the cytokine. The results indicate that this was likely due to lower levels of proliferation of CD8+ T cell. Animals treated with GM-CSF neutralizing antibodies restored the CD8+ T cell response. These data indicate an important role of CM-CSF in the regulation of the CD8+ and has implications in the use of GM-CSF as a molecular adjuvant in vaccine development.
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Published: 11-01-2013

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