A Science Fiction Short Story Writing Competition


The Winners Are

About The Contest

Science fiction writing asks a central “what if...?” question that challenges us to imagine what could be. It gives us a sense of possibility, ignites innovation, exercises the imagination, and fosters a more active relationship with the future.

We asked contributors: what if we took these principles and applied them to the future of health care? Thomas Jefferson University partnered with Kaleidoscope Health & Care to spark discussion about where health and health care in the U.S. is going through 2100: A Health Odyssey – an international science fiction short story competition on how health and health care will impact lives in the year 2100.

The job: write a 3,000-word short story that challenges today’s assumptions about the future of health care in the U.S. 

With Jefferson’s passion for creative expression through writing, we will use your science fiction contribution as the lens through which we explore creativity in health and health care -- in novel and impactful ways -- to propel innovation and inform future perspectives.

Dr. Klasko shares how science fiction offers a unique perspective for the future of health care.