Congratulations, Class of 2020

MAY 13–Dear Graduates of Thomas Jefferson University, you are bound together with everyone graduating in 2020, around the globe, finishing your degree at this extraordinary time.

Forever and ever, you will be the only Jefferson graduates that have gone through both a merger and a pandemic. And you are now graduating.

This is not how I wanted to address you. But I want to convey my utmost respect for what you've done during your time at Thomas Jefferson University. Your time here should give you the confidence in your creativity and imagination to define your own future, even now.

It should also give you the strength to be humble as we face challenges that require us to think and act in new ways. At Jefferson, our mission is: "We improve lives." And I am incredibly confident that every one of you will go forward in your chosen field and improve lives in your own way.

We will have formal virtual Commencement ceremonies on July 12 for each of you. But you are, in fact, the May graduates of Thomas Jefferson University.

Just as your class was called upon to be historic, so I wish for all of you a career in which you follow no one else's map. 

Remember, "imposssible" is just a small word thrown around by small men and women who don't want to do the hard work to do the impossible.

I am deeply proud of you and convinced that you will do the impossible.

Congratulations, graduates!

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA
President, Thomas Jefferson University
CEO, Jefferson Health