2019 Geodesign Forum

Past Forums

2018 Geodesign Forum: LiDAR in Geodesign, Architecture, Preservation, and Cinema

The 6th Annual Jefferson Geodesign Forum took take place at our East Falls campus on Friday, October 12, 2018. This year’s event focused on the role of ground-based Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) - or 3D laser scanning - in 3D Modeling for Geodesign, Architecture, Preservation and Cinema. Attendess heard compelling presentations from practitioners, educators, technologists, and designers who will share examples of their work in architecture, preservation, 3D modeling for geodesign, set design for major motion pictures, live LiDAR demonstrations, and more. As always, we wrapped up with a networking social (complementary happy hour) to offer an opportunity for everyone to share what they are doing and hear what others are doing in this exciting field. 

2016 Geodesign Forum: Geodesign for Healthier Communities

The 4th Annual Geodesign Forum, Geodesign for Healthier Communities, will focused on planning and design of the built environment for sustainable, active, healthier communities with a strong sense of place. Presentations featured educators, practitioners and thought leaders in architecture, planning, population health, and landscape architecture who use GIS, 3D modeling and related technologies help plan, design, visualize and measure change of the built environment to promote healthier communities.

Hosted as part of DesignPhiladelphia 2016, the Geodesign Forum explored the theme of Home through the design of healthy, sustainable communities. Whether it’s an apartment; a house; our office; our favorite park; our City; or our World…the design of all of these places help transform a place into that familiar, comforting feeling of home. In 2016, the DesignPhiladelphia festival focused on events and programs that demonstrate how design can strengthen our connections to places, to ourselves, and to each other.

2015 Geodesign Forum

The 3rd Annual Geodesign Forum, organized by Philadelphia University's M.S. in Geodesign Program, brought together design practitioners, educators, and students of the built environment to see compelling examples of geodesign in-action and network with peers. Our event was featured as part of DesignPhiladelphia.