Quadruple Bottom Line of Real Estate Development

Course Outline & Schedule

Class begins the week of June 2, 2021

  • Week 1: Introduction to the Eight Stage Model for Real Estate Development
  • Week 2: People: Intentional Social Equity, Affordability, Health, and Well-Being
  • Week 3: Planet: Radical Sustainability & Resiliency
  • Week 4: Profit: The Basics of Real Estate Finance
  • Week 5: Placemaking: Development Outcomes that Serve the Community
  • Week 6: The Case Study: Deep dive into a case study that demonstrates the quadruple bottom line approach 

Course Detail

  • Week 1: Introduction to the Eight-Stage Model for Real Estate Development: Kicking off the course, orientation to the industry begins with a formalized overview of the development process from the idea conception to the sale or management of the property. The study of fundamental real estate concepts along with an introduction to the Quadruple Bottom Line will lay the foundation for a deeper dive in the following classes.
  • Week 2: People: This week we study how social equity, affordability, health, and well-being can be supported by the buildings we inhabit through intentional decisions made by developers and their partners. We will reflect on the segregated past of the industry and the social disparity that has resulted. We will study how consumers of real estate drive what developers build; through demand, demographics, and trends in addition to public policy, industry practices, and the goals of developers and communities.
  • Week 3: Planet: This week we study how responsible development demands radical sustainability as the impacts of climate change and globalization have led the industry to create more resilient and adaptable cities, communities, and buildings.
  • Week 4: Profit: This week focuses on the basics of real estate finance to build vocabulary and knowledge of how developments are valued, leveraged, invested in, and evaluated. We will study how the intentional inclusion of the quadruple bottom line are interwoven within financial assumptions and are the developer’s compass for decision making.
  • Week 5: Placemaking: The design of the built environment is crucial to the future of our communities. Placemaking is about how developers integrate community input, work with the existing context and build buildings and amenities that will positively influence the future of the community as a whole. How can developers transform project amenities into community assets and what are the benefits of creative placemaking? Murals, gardens, seating, dog parks, bike paths, pop-up's, and more.
  • Week 6: The Case Study: In the final week, participants will dive deep into a case study that demonstrates the quadruple bottom line approach to real estate development. Participants will also receive details about the development case study competition that encompasses the quadruple bottom line approach for the $2,500 scholarship.