Spacework 06

How do others see us through what we have created? What does it mean to have authorship over what one creates? These are not questions of the product’s value or worth, but a question regarding the designer’s individuality and identity.

For this issue of SPACEWORK, it’s not just about the products, it is about the discovery of the identity of the designer through what they create.

Whether it is the development of a design style or a focus on certain principles, there is undoubtedly a process and a journey. No one comes prepared with an identity, it is something we learn and create ourselves.

As the editors of SPACEWORK, we wrestled with the idea of sections to define similar aspects of identity and authorship in order to classify student work. We came to the realization that this boxing and sorting of people was an infringement on the identities we were trying to preserve. Therefore, projects are grouped together when they tackle similar ideas, not how they approach these complex issues. Within a section, projects retain an identification mark as to how the designer is approaching an issue. We devised four terms:

Opportunity - Influence - Engagement - Anatomy

These projects are tagged on each page to highlight the student’s design process and identity. As a way to quickly identify how a designer is thinking, we designated these as:


In this way, we hope to convey to you, our readers, that as designers approach complex issues, we realize and understand the myriad of solutions available. There is no right way to design. It is how we approach these issues, and the decisions we make, that demonstrate our own complexity and identity. Nothing is created by nobody. We are all somebody, with a voice to be heard.