Schedule & Courses

Courses are conducted face-to-face on a weekly and biweekly basis.   


DSL 700 Strategic leadership frameworks

DSL 701 Systems and design thinking

DSL 702 Applied research methods I

DSL 704 Complex project leadership and management

DSL 706 Applied research methods II

DSL 708 Strategic organization development and change


DSL 801 Strategic leadership research

DSL 802 Strategic leadership executive education


DSL 900 Dissertation/Capstone proposal

DSL 901 Dissertation/Capstone delivery


DSL 703 Juxtaposition of military and civilian strategic leadership

DSL 705 Enabling information technology

DSL 707 Theory of constraints

DSL 709 Leading in the digital transformation age

DSL 713 Patterns of strategy 


DSL 710 Advanced independent study

DSL 712 Strategic interactive planning

DSL 800 Strategic consulting