Complex Systems Leadership Learners


Name: Larry M. Starr, PhD
Position: Program Director
Organization: Jefferson School of Continuing & Professional Studies
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Entry Pathways

Direct admission into the PhD in Complex Systems Leadership (CSL) may be recommended for a Jefferson Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership Candidate or alum.

Admission into the PhD in CSL may also be recommended if one has an earned doctorate in another domain which after comparison of coursework with the Jefferson Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership program demonstrates equivalency.  Additional courses from the Strategic Leadership program may be required to meet equivalency and for admission into the PhD.

Doctoral Learners

A Doctoral learner is one who intends, assumes, and is responsible for learning on his/her own. For a learner, the role of the teacher/professor is to facilitate learning by supporting and assisting but not directing or controlling. PhD CSL learners seek information to self-develop, and to increase knowledge and understanding across a variety of contexts.

CSL Doctoral community members including faculty are applied learners, in that they need to be and are involved in the planning and evaluation of their education. We hold that experience (including mistakes) provides the basis for the learning activities. We are most interested in subjects that have immediate relevance and impact to our professional work or personal interests. We are problem-centered rather than content-oriented, and we assume a significant degree of personal responsibility for our learning.

Ideal CSL Learners

  • Aspire or wish to enhance an academic or professional leadership career or a research leadership position
  • Aim to deepen their knowledge and become one of the world's best experts in their domain
  • Seek significant and sustained intellectual challenges
  • Plan to study and engage in research about organizational challenges that have leadership implications
  • Are open to feedback and constructive criticism on their research from their colleagues and advising committee
  • Enjoy presenting research work and engaging in intellectual discussions around its contribution, methods and substance