Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference

5th Annual Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference

Youth Mental Health Promotion: The Time is Now

The 5th Annual Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference: Youth Mental Health Promotion: The Time is Now, will be held virtually on July 14-15, 2022. This unique training conference will provide an intensive, collaborative, and engaging experience to providers, educators, and leaders across health, education, and social service disciplines, as well as to community members invested in promoting the health of their families, neighborhoods, and cities.  

This year’s conference is centered on the youth mental health crisis in America, with specific emphasis on the stages of adolescence and emerging adulthood.

Registration is open through July 8, 2022, via the link below


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Robert Sege  as our keynote speaker.

Dr. Sege will present a live keynote titled "The Formative Role of Positive Experiences" on the first day of the virtual conference.

Robert D. Sege, MD, PhD is the Director of HOPE National Resource Center and a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics in the Tufts University School of Medicine.

The HOPE National Resource Center focusses on the ways positive experiences can ease toxic stress and help children and youth grow into more resilient, healthier adults. HOPE identifies ways that our communities and systems of care can better ensure that all children have more positive experiences and that all families have support to nurture and celebrate their strengths.


A youth team from RYSE Center will join us for a special closing title "Healing is Believing: The Truths of our Youth." 

Trauma is structural, historical, intergenerational, interpersonal, and embodied.  So then must be our healing. This session will affirm, invite, incite, and call us into possibilities and necessities of healing justice.  Young people from RYSE will share what this feels like, sounds like, and looks like for them, including what they need, expect, and hope for from the adults and systems responsible for their wellness.

Call for Proposals

The conference is accepting workshop submissions now through April 29, 2022.  The planning team is also accepting submissions for student poster presentations and short collaboration sessions on a rolling basis through June 1,2022.

Please submit via the link below

4th Annual Conference Recap- Summer 2021

We were pleased to host our conference online for the first time on July16-17, 2021. Over 500 individuals from 18 states and 7 countries joined us for over 50 unique sessions across both days.

Rio Holaday joined us as a graphic recorder to capture the content of some key sessions.  

Top Row - Keynote Sessions by Shawn Ginwright, PhD ("From Trauma Infoirmed Care to Healing-Centered engagement) and Dr Karen Treisman, MBE ("The Power of Hope, Connections and Relationships")

2nd Row - "Black Magic: Leaning into Black Somatic Healing Practices to Navigate Trauma" Mynesha White, Ebony Nichols and Jasmine Dowery
"Ways of Coping Born Out of Pain: Trauma in Communities of Color" Charmayne Adams

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