Mission & Program Goals

Overview & Highlights

Mission Statement

Disaster Medicine and Management is a graduate program focusing on a comprehensive foundation of disaster medicine and emergency management principles and practice. The program recognizes that there is an overwhelming global need to educate professionals whose expertise will be needed to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from natural and man-made disasters and mass casualty incidents. Through experiential learning and intensive online work, learners apply written and verbal communication skills, research analysis, interdisciplinary collaboration, and critical thinking to operational approaches of disaster management.

Program Goals

Students will be able to:

  1. Apply information from the core subjects in disaster/emergency management to prepare for participation in the global response community.
  2. Effectively communicate in written and oral formats complex, analytical emergency response needs, analysis, plans, and policies.
  3. Analyze the current literature to discuss the practice of disaster management and contribute to the knowledge base.
  4. Apply multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to integrate theory and practice to inform the management of potential disasters, and to prepare for future disasters using an all-hazards approach. 
  5. Introduce/change to the field by using a strong foundation in the history and practice of disaster management to anticipate future directions.
  6. Apply core information to develop and implement a systematic approach to exercise development, evaluation, and post exercise evaluation activities.