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  • College of Health Professions

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science

Program Type

  • On Campus


Name: Scott Gygax, PhD
Position: Vice-Chair and Program Director, Biotechnology, Department of Medical Laboratory and Biotechnology

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With an ever-changing and evolving marketplace, adaptability and flexibility are paramount to success. The Jefferson Biotechnology program is designed to provide graduates with the unique ability to adapt and innovate in any research environment and product-driven industry.

Biotechnology is where life sciences and technology converge. A degree in biotechnology opens up numerous employment possibilities since practically every industry utilizes biotechnology. A biotechnology degree fosters creativity, innovation, and adaptability that is applicable to most career choices.

Biotechnology Faculty & Students Created Thousands of Testing Kits During COVID

Biotechnologists use their skills and adaptability to help with the COVID-19 testing effort. Jefferson Biotechnology students and faculty developed and manufactured COVID-19 viral transport media collection tubes that was in extremely short supply at the start of the pandemic in order to support Jefferson Health's ability to test the community.

Program Options

  • 3+2 BS/MS Dual Degree (East Falls)
  • 2-Year BS
  • 1-Year BS
  • Combined BS/MS
  • 1-Year MS
  • 2-Year MS
  • 1-Year Advanced MS
  • 2-Year Advanced MS


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Sean Chadwick, MS

Assistant Professor

Scott Gygax, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology
Vice Chair, Department Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology
Program Director, Biotechnology