Increasing Job Opportunities

A Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology degree is sure to give you ever-expanding career options as you move forward. The demand for laboratory experts is expected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years, due in part to continued advances in bio­technology. Clinical diagnostics positions are expected to grow at the same rate, with numerous upper level technical and supervisory positions becoming available as the laboratory workforce shifts. 

The skills of the trained laboratory scientist are valuable in a variety of settings:

  • Hospitals, clinics and laboratories in the academic, corporate, government, forensic, veterinary, environ­mental, research and public health sectors
  • Outside the laboratory, in education or sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment industries
  • Advanced education in medicine, veteri­nary science, the basic sciences or health systems

Student Resources & Alumni Success

Recent graduates have been recruited by labs from all over the country. Over the past five years, our graduates have earned a 93% pass rate on the National Cytotechnology Board Exams.

Thomas Jefferson University graduates are in demand at laboratories across the country. Our Medical Laboratory Sciences and Biotechnology students often receive many different job opportunities due to resources such as our:

  • Career Development Center, which offers resume review, mock interviews, career assessments and other support
  • Biannual on-campus interprofessional job fairs, which provide access to about 100 employers from the Philadelphia region and beyond
  • Networking opportunities with alumni and employers, including panel discussions and other special events throughout the year