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Name: Evan Laine, JD, MA
  • Director & Associate Professor, Law & Society Program
  • Director, Arlen Specter Center
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What Our Alumni Say

Class of 2016

Currently I am working as a litigation paralegal for a personal injury law firm in downtown Philadelphia, which is going to change September 2017 when I start law school. I started out as a rather shy and quiet freshman in the Graphic Design program. I stumbled into Law Society by accident when at the time my roommate, Marissa, was actually an L & S student. Every day after class I would ask her to tell me what she had learned in Crime and Justice that day. After changing my major to Law and Society, I gained a self-confidence I never had before and for the first time ever, I started raising my hand and speaking in class. Finally, I found myself interested in the lessons being taught and I realized I had voice and opinions I never acknowledged before. Issues and topics that were discussed in daily meetings were unlike those in my previous program; the talking points were often difficult, uncomfortable and controversial. The conversations between the students and professors that transpired daily was my favorite part of L & S and without a doubt the biggest influence in making me who I am today. Hearing different perspectives and feeling brave enough to argue mine gave me a confidence and willingness to fight for the principles I believe in and more importantly it showed me a courage I never knew I had in me, something I will always be grateful for.

Laura Morson

The Law and Society Program is a great way for students to go outside of their comfort zone and expand how they perceive themselves and the world. I came into Law and Society straight out of a predominantly science based major. It was a big change going from math classes to discussion based classes. While I had strong opinions about many issues, I was always a shy person. I quickly learned that if I wanted to be in the legal profession, I had to learn to raise my voice and articulate my opinions. How Evan Laine and other professors in the program structure classes makes it unavoidable for anyone to avoid the spotlight. Towards the end of the program I was confident in myself and no longer underestimated my opinions, qualities that every professional in the legal field needs to succeed. Having been an alum of this program for about one year now, I am actively working in the field as a paralegal specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury, criminal and family law. I am learning and most importantly networking every day. I get to discuss the issues with the lawyers and offer my personal opinion on legal strategy, especially in criminal cases, which L & S does a great job introducing students too. Not a day goes by that I miss being in class and discussing real issues with amazing peers. It was the greatest decision to start the program and I cannot stress enough how much you will learn and grow as an individual, not just a student.

Marissa Pembroke

Law & Society was one of my best decisions since starting college. The majority of the professors are amazing and will help you anyway that they can. The major itself helped me figure out what I wanted to do. It also gave me ample opportunities to join and/or start clubs. The best part was being a part of and ultimately serving as the student Coordinator of Roxboro House Roundtable Roundtables and watching/helping it grow and develop. I am so proud of the roundtables and what it has become, it was my favorite part of L & S besides Profs Laine and Buehner. Currently, I am an assistant daycare teacher and a substitute head teacher. I will be starting my Masters in Community and Trauma Counseling (great program with awesome teachers btw) and maybe even go for Teach for America.

Jessica Putman
Teacher & Future Trauma Counselor


Previous Alumni by Class Year

All nervousness was set aside as a transfer student after my first meeting with Professor Laine. Every class was empowering in its own unique way and every professor would encourage the beginning steps of my career. Their support allowed me to work my way up from political intern to working two congressional races, the Philadelphia mayoral race, and experience the opportunity to raise the most money for an Independent candidate in Philadelphia's history. I cannot express in words my gratitude for the well-rounded education I was given.

Caroline Allen
Political Campaign Finance Director

A good mix of pre-law and government-based classes taught me a diverse, theoretical, and methodological approach to problem solving. Debate style lectures, paired with small classes, allowed me to develop analytical skills that undoubtedly prepared me to excel in a policy career. The university created an environment for student-athletes (Cross Country and Track), like me, to succeed.

Didier Barjon
Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives

Hey Law and Society prospects! I was once lost and unsure about the program, and the university too, so do not feel alone. I met Professor Laine at the University fair and almost immediately fell in love with the idea of a program that covered the law, but also included politics, sociology and psychology. During my time in the program, I was involved in mock trial for two years, where I served as co-captain during my last year. I also won the moot court competition for the 2014-2015 year. It was truly in these functions that I realized what I wanted to do with my life - argue in court as an attorney. I also held internships with the Pennsylvania Attorney General and with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, where I investigated an inmate claim of innocence and presented before the Board of Directors. After graduation, I decided to take a year off, and worked as a paralegal for a small law firm specializing in civil law and criminal defense. I then applied to law school and was admitted to George Washington University, Villanova, and McGill University – top 20 universities in the US and top 3 in Canada. I just finished my first year at McGill law and did well! The L & S program shaped me to be who I am and what I want out of life. Without it, I would not be where I am today.

Alexi Faust-Trahan
McGill University Law

I was pretty apprehensive about being a part of a Law & Society program. I started as a chemistry major until half through my second year when I made the switched, a decision that I now couldn't be any happier with. Being part of L & S was an experience for me that in many ways I considered life changing. What made the program so amazing wasn't the classes or teachers (although both were great), but instead my fellow classmates who all had different views and prospective. What made the L & S program so impactful was that it made me feel like my opinion always mattered and with each class session your views had the potential to be shifted even if it was in the slightest way. Thanks to L & S, I was conditioned to work in different types of environments. Since leaving the program in May 2015, I have been able to build a resume working in multiple civil and criminal law offices. I was able to achieve success while learning the professionalism and focus necessary for me to further my education when I attend law school in 2018.

Kyle Ford

I began my first year as an International Business major, but after taking a few Law & Society courses, I was hooked. The major will challenge even the most critical thinkers, and the instructors push one to look beyond the surface level of any societal issue. I am now living in Los Angeles, and am finishing my Paralegal Certification at UCLA.

Chris Jablonski

The Law and Society program allowed me to develop my public speaking and debate skills while also providing me with a diverse mix of government and pre-law classes that always challenged my critical thinking capabilities. In the classroom and on the basketball court, the encouragement and support I received from my professors and coaches helped me to be persistent and strive for greatness. Playing for the Women's Basketball team helped me learn some of the most important workplace values such as teamwork, shared commitment, decision-making under pressure and leadership. These skills will undoubtedly prepare me to succeed in a law firm upon graduating from Drexel Law. When I will be will working for one of the most prestigious firms in New Jersey.

Najah Jacobs
Drexel Thomas R. Kline School of Law

Being part of the Law and Society program allowed me to develop analytical and problem solving skills necessary to be successful in any career. Small class sizes and encouraging teachers improved my confidence to share my opinions and stand by them, which has certainly helped me stand out in the corporate sports industry. As a student-athlete on the Women's Basketball team, I appreciated the support from my fellow students and especially Professor Laine, and felt set up for success both in the classroom and on the court. After earning my Masters of Business Administration, I am now employed as a Sports Marketing Assistant, at Reebok International, Ltd.

Monica Schacker
Reebok, Sports Marketing

The Law & Society major teaches critical thinking above all else. Thanks to the curriculum, by the time I graduated I was able to read and understand scholarly articles, which prepared me to debate the most pressing questions our society faces today. The L & S major prepared me for law school by giving me a base of knowledge upon which I have continued to build in my academic and professional life.

Dan Dicinno
Villanova Law School

I can easily and gladly say that my experience in the Law and Society program was time well-spent. Not only did I learn a lot about our legal system and the need for citizens to be able to develop and strengthen their ability to gather and analyze situations in detail before passing judgment, but I also learned a great deal about myself. I learned that I'm a person who has a lot of questions, and cannot settle until I have the answers I seek. I also learned that I am more able and willing to stand up for what I believe to be right and fair than I thought I ever was before I attended the program. I use these qualities on a day to day basis working in education in China.

Kyle Grimes
Language Teacher in China

The law and Society program was a great mix of legal doctrine study and societal issues which allowed me to develop a greater understanding of how the law affects our society as a whole. The classes lend themselves to fostering group discussions with both your fellow classmates and the professor. This approach allows the student to gain a better understanding of various viewpoints relevant to the law and in our society in general fully preparing me for the rigors of law school after graduation. Also, the program offered an environment which allowed student-athletes (baseball), like me, to succeed both in the classroom and on the field.

John Sczepanski
Widener University Delaware Law School

The Law & Society program at Jefferson University gave me numerous transferable skills. L & S taught me to always think critically, consider all arguments and viewpoints when making decisions. Most importantly, I learned how to research and write, skills that came in handy in my graduate studies, and will continue to be useful as I consider pursuing a doctoral degree. While I did not pursue a career in the legal field, L & S taught me to consider how law and policy impacts people, and how people can, and should influence how law and policy is shaped. The law permeates every facet of society, and every career field.

Danny Arroyo, MA
Coordinator for Living & Learning Communities, University of New Haven

I was one of the first students to go through the Law & Society program. While it has certainly changed and added to its already rich curriculum, I benefitted greatly from the original program. The writing exercises in the various classes, in addition to the Moot Court experience, helped me get through my first year of law school. It allowed me to not worry about one of my classes, as I knew I was prepared. What I learned in the program served as a proper introduction to the in-depth courses I took in law school. I think back fondly of my time in the major and know that it helped me get through the following three rough years. I graduated from New England Law Boston and am a licensed attorney in both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. I serve as the Vice-Justice for the Boston Alumni Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. I currently work for the DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson, in Massachusetts.

Heather Kruczek