Anahid S. Modrek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Anahid Modrek


Downs Hall 24
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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Anahid S. Modrek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Research Interest

I am a developmental psychologist by training. I study cognitive and sociocultural processes that affect the development of reasoning, learning, and academic achievement.


PhD, Columbia University, NY (2016) 
BA, UC Berkeley, CA (2011)

Select Publications

Modrek, A.S., Hass, R., *Kwako, A., Sandoval, W.A. (2021) Do adolescents want more autonomy? Testing gender differences in autonomy across STEM. Journal of Adolescence, 92, 237-246.

Modrek, A.S., & Ramirez, G. (2021) Cognitive regulation outdoes behavior regulation in predicting state standardized test scores over time. Metacognition and Learning16(1), 113-134.

Modrek, A.S. (2021) Accounting for cognitive costs: Can scientists be creative? Philosophical Psychology, 34(5), 756-759.

Modrek, A.S., & Sandoval, W. A. (2020) Can autonomy play a role in causal reasoning? Cognitive Development, 54(C), 1-9.

Modrek, A.S., Kuhn, D., Conway, A., *Arvidsson, T. (2019) Cognitive regulation, not behavior regulation, predicts learning. Learning and Instruction, 60(C), 237-244

Modrek, A., & Kuhn, D. (2017). A cognitive cost of the need to achieve? Cognitive Development, 44, 12-20.


AERA Deeper Learning Fellow (2021-2023)

Arthur Zankel Urban Research Fellow (2011-2013)

Focus Areas

Individual differences, learning, reasoning, self-regulation, autonomy, discourse, achievement