Bioprocess Engineering Short Training (BEST)

Bioprocess Engineering Short Training (BEST)

Undergraduate students in their senior year earning an engineering or life sciences degree may qualify for the Thomas Jefferson University Bioprocess Engineering Short Training (BEST) program at the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB).

As a BEST participant, students will work in JIB’s 25,000 ft2, state-of-the art pilot-scale biomanufacturing facility alongside faculty and industry professionals. Students gain real life experience and learn about the numerous career and employment opportunities in the biopharma industries. 

Over 800,000 people currently work directly in the US biopharmaceutical industry and an additional 3.9 million people work in companies that support biomanufacturing. In 2019, biopharmaceutical companies contributed nearly $1.39T to the national economy making it one of the country’s fastest growing sectors. Biopharma companies provide exciting new job and career opportunities ranging from entry level to senior technical and management positions. These opportunities are driven by changes in biopharmaceutical therapies combined with the rise of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence. Biopharma companies need new employees who are educated and trained with highly specialized skills, like those offered at JIB.

The Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB) was created by Thomas Jefferson University to fulfill its vision for creating the STEM-based education required by biopharma companies. JIB specializes in providing hands-on experiential programs focused on teaching life sciences and engineering students who seek rewarding careers that positively impact patients, society and position the country as the global leader in the sector.       

The BEST student program will include both classroom and laboratory work and will be delivered free of charge to accepted applicants. 

More information about fall and spring dates is coming soon.

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