Admission Requirements

The Industry Sponsored PhD program is exceptionally competitive and requires the successful completion of an approved masters’ program with significant built-in interdisciplinary components including, for example, bioprocess engineering process and design, life sciences, regulatory and quality, business management, ethics and transferable skills. JIB’s current masters’ program meets these requirements. Students with a master level qualification from other approved Universities may be required to complete one or more of these courses as part fulfillment of their PhD program.

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • Transcripts from all Universities or Colleges attended with a minimum graduate level cGPA of 3.0
  • Essay / Personal Statement
  • GRE (GRE’s are not required, but can be submitted to strengthen / support the application)
  • CV / Resume
  • English Language Proficiency Exam if Required (TOEFL 78, IELTS 6.0)
  • Two (2) Letters of Reference