Patient-Centered Research


  • Center City Campus
  • College of Life Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Certificate

Program Length

1 year

Program Type

  • On Campus


This certificate is being jointly offered by the Jefferson College of Life Sciences and the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH). Courses offered through the Jefferson College of Population Health are noted with (JCPH). Courses may be taken in either school. Most courses are offered on location, and some are offered as distance learning. Registration for the Program is through the Jefferson College of Life Sciences. Courses taken as part of this certificate may be transferred into other programs. Please consult your academic adviser.

Students will take a total of 18 credits to complete the program.

Course Title Credits
GC 660 Statistical Methods of Data Analysis OR
PBH 504 Basic Public Health Statistics  
MI 580 Principles of Epidemiology OR
AHE 509 Epidemiology for Outcomes Research
AHE 506 Subjective Outcomes in Healthcare Evaluation 3
GC 631 Comparative Effectiveness & Patient-Centered Outcomes Research 3
GC 652 Decision Support and Shared Decision Making in Health Care 2
GC XXX Integrative Seminar in Patient-Centered Research 1

Course Title Credits

HQS 503 Healthcare Quality & Safety: Measurement and Outcomes Analysis  OR 

GC 650 Economic Analysis of Healthcare Interventions


PBH 515 Cultural Humility and Competence OR

GC 520 Cultural Competency for Biomedical Science

GC XXX Analysis of Large Databases 3