Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo, PhD

Department of Cancer Biology

Rodriguez-Bravo, Veronica


233 South 10th Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Veronica Rodriguez-Bravo, PhD

Department of Cancer Biology

Research Interests

The Rodriguez-Bravo Laboratory is part of the Cancer Biology Department at the NCI-designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center of Thomas Jefferson University. Our research focuses on the study of genome integrity maintenance mechanisms and the relationship of defects in cell division to cancer pathogenesis with special emphasis in the pathways contributing to cancer cells’ more aggressive phenotypes.

The laboratory is particularly interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to chromosomal instability and aneuploidy in human cells and deciphering the consequences for cancer initiation, progression and tumor cells’ therapeutic responses. To address this, we analyze cell cycle checkpoint responses and Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) functionality in non-tumor and tumor cell models through a multidisciplinary approach that combines molecular biology, cell biology and genetics with cancer biology, computational analysis and patient tissue sample validation.

​We have dedicated extensive research to deciphering the cell and molecular biology aspects of human cell mitosis and the NPC (Rodriguez-Bravo V, et al. Cell 2014). Our previous work helped understand how NPCs cooperate with the mitotic checkpoint to protect genome integrity. Besides that we have contributed to the study of mechanisms of prostate cancer cells resistance to anti-mitotic agents (Domingo-Domenech et al 2012; Vidal et al. Cancer Cell 2015). My Lab aims to continue interrogating and deciphering the pathways that fuel tumor cell growth and survival under therapy.