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Name: Jefferson College of Nursing
Department: Office of Admissions
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JCN Commits to Nurses Climate Challenge

Nurses have to face the repercussions of climate change, as it effects their patient’s everyday health. That is why Jefferson College of Nursing is working to reshape nursing education to highlight the correlation between climate and health.

JCN has become an official partner of the Nurses Climate Challenge and has agreed to participate in the School of Nursing Commitment. The Challenge is designed for partners to receive the resources they need to better educate their nurses on how to provide better care for patients today and in the future. JCN joins nursing schools around the country participating in the challenge.

As stated on the Nurses Climate Challenge website, the goals of the initiative are to:

  • Mobilize nurses across the country to educate a total of 50,000 of their colleagues about the impacts of climate change on human health.
  • Build a national network of informed and more engaged health professionals in care settings.
  • Launch a movement of health professionals committed to climate solutions in care settings and in the community.

At JCN, we are committed to preparing our nurses for future care to diverse patient population.