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What Can I Do with My PharmD?

Community Pharmacists

Located in most towns, community pharmacists are easy to access, process and provide medications to help people get well and stay well. As a community pharmacist, you may also recommend and provide immunizations and assist patients in recommendations for over-the-counter medications. A majority of pharmacists practice in this area.

Hospital Pharmacists

As the name implies, as hospital pharmacists, you would work in a hospital to assure medications are prepared and distributed safely to the patient care floor. You may also participate in healthcare teams to identify and recommend medication therapies for patients. Hospitals and health-systems may have pharmacists that have completed extra training and specialize in a specific therapeutic area. For example, cardiology, infectious diseases, oncology, or emergency medicine just to name a few.

Informatics Pharmacists

As an informatics pharmacist, you would utilize your knowledge of medication management, administration, and monitoring to the development of computer technology used by healthcare providers and healthcare systems. You may also assist in the development of software programming to identify adverse effects of medications or evaluate patient outcomes on a more global scale.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacists

As an ambulatory care pharmacist, you would manage and prevent chronic diseases and conditions. You may also monitor current medication plans and educate patients on how to stay well.

Home infusion Pharmacists

Home infusion services allow patients to receive injectable medications and infusions in the comfort of their own home. As a home infusion pharmacist, you would compound and prepare these injectable medications and infusions. . Medications are delivered based on the therapy plan for each patient.  With the help of other healthcare providers, patients are visited in their homes to learn how to do the injections, discuss their progress on therapy, and discuss any side effects they may be having.