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Amy Yang, PharmD

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Fellow

Amy joined the JCPH team after receiving her PharmD from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2021. Amy's first year of her Fellowship will be spent at JCPH, before moving to Teva, her sponsor company, during her second year. In her role as a post-doctoral fellow, Amy is able to assist in and lead outcomes research projects, while earning her Masters in Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research. Amy's current research interests involve concomitant drug usage, neurology, and oncology.

Prior to joining Jefferson, Amy worked in various pharmacy settings, as well as in a managed care company. These experiences piqued her interest in the HEOR field, and prompted her to seek out more opportunities to better understand it. While in pharmacy school, Amy also gained experience in HEOR and research through medication use evaluations and P&T committee presentations. Through the JCPH Fellowship, Amy hopes to build upon her foundational knowledge of the payers’ perspective and help improve access to medications to ultimately promote better patient outcomes.