Michael Anderson, MSIS, CSSMBB




901 Walnut Street
10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Michael Anderson, MSIS, CSSMBB


Research & Practice Interests

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)
Applied Informatics
Lean Six Sigma Theory and Methodology Application
International Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare
African American Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Transnationalism


MSIS, Drexel University
BS in Health Administration, Rosemont College

University Appointment

Lecturer, Jefferson College of Population Health


Operational Excellence


Michael Anderson is a cutting-edge visionary leader with more than 20 years of immense expertise in strategic planning, market development, new service initiatives, financial analysis, and fiscal management within the healthcare industry. Michael is the director of operations at Jefferson Methodist Hospital. In this role he is responsible to provide oversight and consultation for execution of initiatives within quality/safety, patient satisfaction and finance and to devise efficiency strategies and quality control improvement plans conducive to growth and profitability

Michael came from the University of Pennsylvania Health System, where he was the Associate Director for Clinical Effectiveness & Quality Improvement. He led and help create high reliability master black belt teams to produce sustainable outcomes for the highest levels of the organization. He served as co-chair for the safety events reporting governance committee and the patient satisfaction steering committee.

Michael also held a director’s position at the Foundation of Positive Change which focused on community food and training programs and youth development to help them improve life skills such as self-confidence, self- esteem, academic excellence and career advancement. He also is a member of ZAPITZONE, a non-profit that focuses on the improvement of life for the special need's community. Michael holds a certifications in (CSSMBB) Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and (PM) Project Management. Michael holds a Bachelor's of Science from Rosemont University and a Master of Information Systems from Drexel University.