2020 1st Year Fellows' Posters


Name: Vittorio Maio, PharmD, MS, MSPH
Position: Director, HEOR Fellowship Program
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Name: Karen Walsh, DHSc, MS, MBA
Position: Assistant Director, HEOR Fellowship Program
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Name: Katherine Puskarz, MPH
Position: Fellowship Coordinator
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Fellows Day

Fellows Day is an annual recognition and graduation ceremony for past, current, and future fellows. The event starts with presentations from the current first-year fellows on the projects they lead during their first year at JCPH, followed by the graduation of the second-year fellows who have finished their second year at their sponsoring organization. The incoming fellows are also recognized at the end of the event.

2020 Fellows Day Posters

The posters show the research that first-year fellows conducted at JCPH and were accepted as poster/podium presentations at various conferences this year. These projects reflect the diverse and multidisciplinary work the fellows were involved in during the first part of the HEOR fellowship.

Se Ryeong (Rhea) Jang, MPH

2019-2021 TJU/Ethicon Fellow

Comparing Overall Mortality Between Female and Male Advanced Melanoma Patients Treated with Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab or Nivolumab Alone: A Population-based Study of Sex Effect Modification by Immunotherapy

Laetitia N'Dri, PharmD

2019-2021 Novartis Fellow

Clinical trials assessing mobile health applications (MHApps) are becoming increasingly prominent, with clinical and humanistic outcomes the most frequently evaluated outcomes.

Prevalence and Predictors of Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications in a Large Community-dwellling Older Population in Italy

Measuring Fatigue Severity in Adult Women with Multiple Sclerosis in the United States

Seojin Park, PharmD

2019-2021 Teva Fellow

Racial Disparity in Pancreatic Resection Among Elderly Patients: A SEER Database Analysis

Ryan Thomas, PharmD

2019-2021 Bristol Myers Squibb Fellow
Ryan Thomas Poster

What Factors Are Associated With Exceeding Target Price In Breast Cancer Episodes Under The Oncology Care Model?

Does Breast Cancer Staging Affect Achievement of Target Price Under the Oncology Care Model?

Dexter Waters, MSPH

2019-2021 Janssen Fellow

Medical Home Implementation and Healthcare Utilization: A Longitudinal Analysis in Italy

Baseline Disease-Modifying Therapy Use in the Multiple Scierosis Continuous Quality Improvement Research Collaborative (MS-CQI)