Public Health Program Contact

Name: Rosemary (Rosie) Frasso, PhD, MSc, CPH
Position: Program Director

Public Health Program Contact

Name: Katherine Puskarz, MPH
Position: Assistant Program Director

DMM/MPH Program Contact

Name: Jean Bail, EdD, RN, MSN, CEN, MEP, EMT-P
Position: Program Director, Disaster Medicine and Management at Jefferson

Admissions Contact

Name: April Smith
Position: Admissions and Recruitment Manager


Contact Number(s):

As of July 2022, this program has been renamed to Emergency & Disaster Management/Master of Public Health.

The DMM/MPH dual degree is a partnership between the Master of Science in Disaster Medicine & Management (DMM) degree program at the Jefferson College of Health Professions (JCHP) and the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at the Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH). It is open to students applying to or are currently in either program.

This dual degree offers an opportunity for students to prepare to work at the intersection of public health and disaster medicine and management. When a disaster strikes or health emergency arises, nimble, well-trained professionals need to be ready to restore order, organize responses, and quickly establish interventions to protect health and address pressing needs for food, water, or health care in affected communities.

The DMM program is prepared to support DMM/MPH students through coordination of experiential learning and capstone project topic and development. The Public Health program is flexible, tailored, and high touch and supports DMM/MPH students as they integrate public health tools and knowledge with emergency management experience. DMM courses are available either online or in person on the East Falls campus. Public health courses are held in person on the Center City campus.

DMM/MPH students take the following coursework (36 credits) to earn the MPH:

  • PBH 501: Foundations of Public Health
  • PBH 500: Foundations of the US Healthcare System
  • PBH 502: Society, Behavior & the Environment
  • PBH 504 or PBH 505: Fundamentals of Health Statistics
  • PBH 506: Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  • PBH 509: Foundations of Policy & Advocacy
  • PBH 510: Health Research Methods
  • PBH 520: Program Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
  • PBH 651: Clerkship- Applied Practice Experience (joint with DMM)
  • PBH 609: GIS Mapping
  • Plus 3 electives

DMM/MPH students take the following coursework (27 credits) to earn the DMM degree:

  • DMM 610: Foundations in Emergency Management
  • DMM 631: Organizational Management and Communications in Disasters
  • DMM 635: Psychological Aspects of Disasters
  • DMM 639: Disaster Exercise and Drills
  • DMM 640: Logistic Management for Disasters
  • DMM 643: Public Health Implications of Disasters
  • DMM 755: Capstone Experience in DMM (joint with MPH)
  • Plus 2 electives

Interested applicants may apply to the DMM/MPH through the DMM application portal. Students currently in the MPH program who wish to complete the DMM/MPH dual degree may apply to DMM program by contacting the DMM Program Director, Jean Bail and scheduling a time to discuss your interest in the dual degree. 

Students currently enrolled in the DMM program who wish to complete the DMM/MPH dual degree may apply to the MPH program by completing a Student Status Change Request and submitting it along with a personal statement of 300-500 words describing your interest in the program, including your personal experiences and how the program can help you achieve your career goals. Please return the completed form and personal statement via email attachment to

Accepted students work with academic advisors to receive individualized course progression plans.  Scholarships may be available.

Jefferson's Master of Public Health (MPH) program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).