High Reliability Health Care Academy Programs

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Safe & Reliable Healthcare

Are you ready to lead? In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, leaders must be able to provide quality health care while they manage advances in technology, financial pressures, and extraordinary clinical challenges. Delivering safe, effective and reliable care requires an approach that integrates the science and practice of High Reliability, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Culture, Knowledge and Learning Systems.

In partnership with  Safe and Reliable Healthcare, LLC, JCPH is pleased to offer the High Reliability Healthcare Academy (HRHA), a targeted training program for existing and aspiring leaders that will uniquely position them to meet these complex and dynamic challenges. 

Upcoming Programs

October 1 - December 17, 2021

In partnership with Safe and Reliable Healthcare, this 11-week live and interactive virtual training program is designed to guide participants through an in-depth examination of the Framework for High Reliability Healthcare, including strategies and tactics to achieve High Reliability. 

Application for credits has been filed with the Thomas Jefferson University Office of Continuing Professional Development. Determination of credits is pending.

About Safe and Reliable Healthcare:  At Safe & Reliable Healthcare, our goal is for engaged healthcare teams to provide the highest quality care possible, care that is truly safe and reliable.  Our belief and experience demonstrate that organizations who excel in creating healthy cultures, harnessing knowledge, building learning systems and developing transformational leaders are better positioned to achieve High Reliability and failure-free operations over time.  We work with individuals and organizations to embed our Framework for High Reliability, using enabling technologies and results-oriented consulting to co-create sustainable transformation for and with our clients.