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Level I & II: Fieldwork - East Falls

Fieldwork experiences are linked to the East Falls MSOT program’s curriculum design. Students learn how to apply the occupational therapy process to populations in a variety of settings.  Fieldwork provides students with clinical opportunities to practice skills and professional reasoning, evaluate career interests, and make the important transition from learning to practice.

Typical Fieldwork Sites

  • Medical settings (specialized and rehabilitation hospitals, hand therapy and outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities)
  • Public school settings, early intervention programs, summer camps
  • Community agencies, group homes, senior centers, assisted-living facilities, residential programs

Fieldwork placements are completed within two phases: Level I (shorter and part time), and Level II (longer and full time).

Level I: Part Time

Level I fieldwork is linked to the program’s assessment and intervention courses so that students can apply what they are learning in class to clients in a clinical setting. It consists of multiple hours of clinical experience scheduled over an academic semester. These clinical and community placements provide opportunities for structured interaction with clients under the guidance of a practicing professional.

Students complete three Level I fieldwork experiences, each associated with assessment and intervention coursework. Level IA focuses on the psychological and social factors that influence engagement in occupation; Level IB is associated with adults in medical and rehabilitation settings; and Level IC provides opportunities to work with children and youth.

Level II: Full Time

Level II Fieldwork consists of two, full-time 12-week placements for a total of 24 weeks of clinical experiences. It can occur in traditional and/or emerging settings, consistent with the program’s curriculum design. MSOT students begin Level II fieldwork after completing didactic coursework. The expectation of Level II fieldwork is that the student functions as an entry-level therapist who is responsible for implementing therapy sessions and carrying a full caseload of clients. Students are supervised by an OT, but responsible for their own client caseload.

East Falls MSOT Program Fieldwork Schedule

Level I Fieldwork A: Psychosocial 1st Summer
Level I Fieldwork B: Adults 2nd Fall
Level I Fieldwork C: Children & Youth 2nd Spring
Level II Fieldwork A 2nd Summer or 3rd Fall
Level II Fieldwork B 3rd Fall or 3rd Spring