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Promoting Environments that Measure Outcomes (PrEMO)

For further information regarding PrEMO contact Amy Carroll.

What Is Promoting Environments that Measure Outcomes (PrEMO)?

PrEMO© is a partnership between select organizations and the Department of Occupational Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University.

The PrEMO© mission is to promote environments that measure outcomes through innovative occupational therapy service delivery, student education, research, and community partnerships. Jefferson faculty are leaders in innovative healthcare practices and clinical education who partner with organizations to:

  • Promote best practices that measure outcomes
  • Develop new occupational therapy programs
  • Collaborate in clinical research to measure outcomes
  • Build capacity
  • Incorporate graduate and/or undergraduate level students into service provision
  • Help shape the future of OT practice

Program Highlights

  • Collaborate with Jefferson OT faculty to establish best practices in your setting
  • Perform a needs assessment to design a program that is unique to your setting
  • Develop innovative programs that provide advanced clinical care
  • Expand occupational therapy services through student involvement

What are the benefits of partnership?

  • Free training for fieldwork educators via the Jefferson sponsored AOTA Fieldwork Educator Certificate Program
  • Discounts on graduate courses for fieldwork educators
  • Access to the latest occupational therapy research knowledge and advanced clinical practices
  • Access to Jefferson’s library & online resources
  • Expertise of an OT faculty member to champion program innovations in your setting
  • Expansion of client services
  • Participation in research & program development
  • Transform practice to focus on measuring outcomes of OT intervention

What are the site's commitments?

  • Active collaboration with Jefferson faculty for at least one year
  • Placement for Level I and/or Level II Jefferson Fieldwork Students
  • Willingness to define and measure impact of program on client and population served
  • Willingness to share research results with the broader community
  • Willingness to integrate a scientific and systematic approach to practice

Who can become PrEMO© partners?

  • Organizations that strive for excellence through innovative programming
  • Sites with or without existing occupational therapy services are eligible