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Innovations Lab: School Based Practice

iPads to Support Students with Autism

In today’s educational climate, skillful use of technology as a teaching tool is more important than ever. While many schools have access to this tool, iPads are often not used to their full potential; teachers and related service providers report needing further training.

School-based occupational therapists have an opportunity to increase academic participation of their students by harnessing the iPad’s powerful technology. For students with autism especially, the iPad facilitates literacy development, increases academic performance, and decreases challenging behaviors.  

This school-based innovations lab will build the participants knowledge about the breadth of instructional applications for their students with autism through interactive learning modules and collaborative discussion on topics such as:

  • Accessibility features
  • Technology based instruction and intervention
  • iPads to support curricular subjects
  • Framework to match students with technology

When: July 11th to August 11th, 2022

Participants will:

  • Engage in weekly online learning activities
  • Attend three (3) online Lab meetings

Wednesdays: July 13th, July 27th, August 10th / 7-8:15 PM 

Contact Hours: 10

For further information regarding the Innovations Lab, contact Amy Carroll.

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The Zoom link for the class will be sent to you 24-72 hours after registration.

Registration closes July 11th at 4 PM..