Single Disease Testing


Name: David Wenger, PhD
Position: Director, Lysosomal Diseases Testing Laboratory
Organization: Department of Neurology


Name: Paola Luzi, PhD
Position: Co-Director, Lysosonal Diseases Testing Laboratory, Department of Neurology
Organization: Department of Neurology

Contact/Shipping Info

Name: Lysosomal Diseases Testing Laboratory
Department: Department of Neurology
Organization: Thomas Jefferson University

1020 Locust Street
Room 346
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact Number(s):


Contact Number(s):

Sample Requirements for Single Disease Testing

(Family History, Cord Blood Donors, Post Transplant Evaluation)

Testing for only one disease is done because of family history, for cord blood donors and cord blood recipients post transplantation

Family history could include siblings of an affected individual or other relatives needing testing. State clearly the reason for the requested testing and relationship to the affected individual. The requirement is 4-6 ml of heparinized whole blood. Refer to our leukocyte lysosomal enzyme screen for shipping instructions.