Jefferson Ultrasound Radiology Education Institute (JUREI)

China America Ultrasound Scholar Training Program

(A partnership between Beijing Medical Ultrasound Association and Jefferson Ultrasound Radiology Education Institute)

Beijing Medical Ultrasound Association (BMUA) wishes to expand and promote ultrasound international academic exchanges and medical ultrasound career development for Chinese ultrasound doctors and scholars. With collaboration and agreement with the Jefferson Ultrasound Radiology Education Institute (JUREI), the China-American Ultrasound Scholar Training Program (CAUSTP) was established under the leadership of BMUA. The purpose of the program is to establish an international exchange and training platform for ultrasound doctors and scholars, to improve the level of medical ultrasound practice, and to promote the development of Chinese medical ultrasound.

The program objectives include:

  1. To select outstanding ultrasound doctors and scholars and assist them to find host institutes or hospitals abroad for their continuing medical education and research training.
  2. To establish an international academic exchange platform and channel for international cooperation and joint research projects, as well as both domestic and international academic communication activities.
  3. To provide information and consulting services for international academic exchange activities.
  4. To organize and coordinate international academic conferences or special symposium for promoting North America and China ultrasound exchange activities.

As a non-profit training and academic exchange program, CAUSTP works with organizations and applicants to develop funding sources including the following:

  1. Scholarships funded by governments, academic institutions, and hospitals.
  2. Training grants from all levels of government.
  3. Education and training funds provided by industry and other commercial organizations.

The program is managed by a program committee. Co-Directors of the program are Prof. Wang Jinrui and Prof. Liu Jibin, and Co-deputy Directors are Prof. Jiang Yuxin and Prof. Tang Jie, and Secretary-Generals are Prof. Qian Linxue and Prof. Li Junlai. The program committee members include: Wang Jinrui, Tang Jie, Jiang Yuxin, Li Zhian, Chen Minhua, Liu Jibin (US), Tian Zhiyun (US), Gao Jing (USA), Deng Xuedong, Duan Yunyou, Luo Yan, Chang Cai, Cui Ligang, Dai Qing, He Wen, Jin Qing, Mu Yuming, Qian Linxue, Tian Jiawei, Xie Mingxing, Xie Xiaoyan, Yang Bin, Ye Yuquan, Yuan Jianjun, Zheng Rongqin, Zhao Hongjia, Zhou Xiaodong, Wu Changjun, Dong Xiaoqiu, Yang Lixia, Zhan Weiwei, Xu Di, Hu Bin, Wang Xuemei, Huang Pingtong, Yan Kun, Wang Shumin, etc.

The ultrasound scholar candidate should have at least five-years of ultrasound clinical work experience and a Masters degree, and a good knowledge of English.  The ability to communicate in written and spoken English is critical.

The exchange program includes: A. short-term scholarship program (1-3 months), B. mid-term scholarship program (6 months), C. long-term scholarship program (12 months), and D. Special Advanced Ultrasound Symposium (14 days).

For detailed information about the various types of the program, please contact the secretary of the program at 1 301-101-6660 or