Jefferson Ultrasound Radiology Education Institute (JUREI)

Global Affiliate Network

The Jefferson Ultrasound Radiology Education Institute (JUREI) is committed to providing support for the development of superior ultrasound services throughout the world. To this end, the Institute has established a global network of affiliate training centers in over 50 countries.


We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Kofoworola Soyebi, director of the UltraKofo Soyebisound Research and Education Society of Nigeria (URESON), our JUREI-affiliated center in Lagos, Nigeria, has been awarded Honorary Membership in the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). She was presented with this honor at the Annual Meeting of the RSNA in Chicago, Illinois. This award is presented for significant achievements in the field of radiology. Dr. Soyebi was one of the first six Africans to benefit from the RSNA Teach the Teachers Ultrasound Initiative in Africa, a grant sponsored by the RSNA Research and Education Foundation.

Seven New Centers Opening in the Caribbean,
Central & South America

It is with great pleasure that Dr. Goldberg announces the creation of seven new centers as a result of the “Teach the Teachers Initiative for Ultrasound Training in the Caribbean, Central and South America.” Congratulations to the following physicians, whose dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice are making the opening of these centers possible. Good luck to each of you in your future endeavors. With the opening of these centers JUREI now has 72 affiliated ultrasound education centers around the world.

  1. Dr. Monica Marquez (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
    Escuela de Ultrasonido Dr. Luis Soto Pirela
  2. Dr. Gloria Arauz Pacheco (San Jose, Costa Rica)
    Centro Costarricense para la Enseñanza de Ultrasonido Diagnóstico
  3. Dr. Leonardo Lara-Pinto (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
    Centro Nacional de Entrenamiento en Ultrasonido
  4. Dr. Marianne Orschel (Guatemala City, Guatemala)
    Centro de Educación en Ultrasonido “HUE”
  5. Dr. Carmen Sobalvarro (Managua, Nicaragua)
    Escuela de Ultrasonido “Dr. Roberto Calderon Gutierrez”
  6. Dr. Martha Aguirre de Delgado (La Paz, Bolivia)
    Centro Piloto De Educación En Ultrasonido Complejo Hospitalario Miraflores
  7. Dr. Graeme Thomas (Bridgetown, Barbados)
    Ultrasound Education & Training Unit, Dept. of Radiology and Medical Imaging
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital

JUREI: World Class, Right at Home


Barry B. Goldberg, MD’s, office has a museum quality. Every flat surface holds souvenirs — sculptures, carvings, and porcelain from Indonesia, Kenya, China, among a myriad of other places — gifts of thanks from the doctors who have come to the “Teach the Teachers” Program at the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI). Goldberg, director of the division of ultrasound and a professor of radiology at JMC, has been named an honorary member of the Croatian Society of Radiologists, among his many honors from radiology societies and international governments. From Afghanistan to Venezuela, JUREI has helped establish more than 65 affiliated ultrasound education centers. It is the only recognized World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Continuing and General Education in Diagnostic Ultrasound.

The institute trains physicians worldwide so that they can return to their respective countries to instruct others with the intent of helping to standardize the ultrasound practice. The comprehensive program features lectures, case reviews, hands-on learning, clinical observation, instruction in the care and maintenance of equipment, and teaching techniques. Physicians have come from a variety of areas including the post-Soviet states, sub-saharan Africa, and, most recently from the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. Over 2,500 people have been trained through the affiliate centers worldwide

Ultrasound is a cost-effective and sustainable medical technology usable in less affluent nations where MRI and CT is unsupported. Through grants from USAID, the Open Society Institute (formerly SOROS Foundations), and other foundations and companies, doctors are brought to Philadelphia for a 12-week program. They return to their countries with new knowledge and donated equipment. These doctors in turn train their countrymen. In this way, as one student from Kenya noted, “Dr. Goldberg brings light into the darkness.”

Global Affiliate Network

Affiliate Sites (Country, City)

Afghanistan, Kabul
Albania, Tirana
Argentina, Buenos Aires
Armenia, Yerevan
Austria, Innsbruck
Bangladesh, Dhaka
Barbados, Bridgetown
Bolivia, La Paz
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Brazil, São Paulo
China, Beijing
China, Chengdu
China, Shanghai
China, Xi'an
Costa Rica, San Jose
Croatia, Zagreb
D. R. of Congo, Kinshasa
Egypt, Cairo
Estonia, Tartu
Quito, Ecuador
Georgia, T'Bilisi
Ghana, Accra
Guatemala, Guatemala
Honduras, Tegucigalpa
Hungary, Budapest
India, Agra

India, Bhopal
India, Calcutta
India, Coimbatore
India, Chennai
India, Mumbai
India, New Delhi
Indonesia, Jakarta
Ireland, Dublin
Israel, Kafar Saba
Italy, Florence
Italy, Pavia
Kazakstan, Almaty
Kenya, Nairobi
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Latvia, Riga
Lithuania, Vilnius
Macedonia, Skopje
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Mexico, Mexico, D.F.
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Nepal, Kathmandu
Nicaragua, Managua
Nigeria, Ilorin
Nigeria, Lagos
Nigeria, Maiduguri

Pakistan, Karachi
Poland, Katowice
Poland, Warsaw
Romania, Cluj-Napoca
Russia, Moscow
Russia, Vladivostok
Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade                 
Sierra Leone, Freetown
Slovakia, Bratislava
Slovenia, Slovenj Gradec
South Africa, Cape Town
South Africa, Durban
South Africa, Pietermaritzburg
Switzerland, Lugano
Turkey, Ankara
Uganda, Kampala
Ukraine, Kiev
Ukraine, L'viv
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Venezuela, Caracas
Venezuela, Maracaibo

Beijing Medical Ultrasound Association (BMUA) and the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (JUREI) have established a collaboration to promote scholarship and excellence in practice of medical Ultrasound. The program offers highly specialized ultrasound visiting fellowships at Jefferson and periodically sponsors a two-week special Advanced Ultrasound Symposium in the United States. 

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