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At Jefferson, we are reshaping education for the 21st century. Through boundary-breaking collaboration, research and hands-on, experiential learning, we equip graduates with leadership and analytical skills shaped for an accelerated job market. In this 20 minute presentation, you will learn about our academic programs, campus life, and the next steps in the application process.

About the presenter: Megan Berry is a counselor on our First-Year Admissions team. Meet all of our Undergraduate Admissions counselors.


View Our Lookbook

One thing all Jefferson Rams share is their eagerness and ability to see any given situation as an opportunity to innovate, come up with solutions, and ultimately, come out better than before. You’ll see examples of these qualities illustrated through the projects highlighted in our Lookbook. So have fun, explore our programs, and get inspired for the brighter horizons that will come next—there is so much to look forward to.

Creativity Core Curriculum

The Creativity Core Curriculum, the newest part of Jefferson’s Hallmarks Program for General Education, is designed to help you to expand your creative capacity so that you are equipped to work on the world’s most complex problems in whatever discipline you choose. Every major has a required course that is designated as creativity intensive. Creative making workshops—like creative writing in nature, print-making and virtual reality—offer unique opportunities throughout the year.

Hallmarks Program for General Education

The Hallmarks Program at Thomas Jefferson University combines the “general education” credits that every student in Pennsylvania must take with an electronic portfolio that highlights your work. Through the program you will develop important competencies like Rigorous Inquiry, Contextual Communication, Intercultural Insight and Ethical Reflection to help you throughout your life.

Areas of Interest

Our core programs—or Areas of Interest—drive students beyond the traditional limits of academics to inspire change and test just how far we can take what we know.

You’ll Be In Good Company

In a world where rapid change is the norm, employers are seeking graduates who are ready for what’s happening right now and for what will come next. Jefferson’s distinctive, active, collaborative, real-world Nexus Learning approach is exactly what you need to gain that kind of competitive advantage. Hear from our current students, faculty, and Deans to learn more about the Jefferson Advantage.


Virtual Campus Tour

At our East Falls Campus, located 10 minutes from the heart of Philadelphia, access and opportunity are at your fingertips. From studio to laboratory, from active learning spaces to student clubs, Jefferson has a distinctive cultural breadth that adds even more value to your college experience.

Take The Next Step

At Jefferson, we are forward-thinking by design. You can study medicine, fashion, engineering, law and more, with the freedom to explore the intersections between disciplines to prepare you for what’s yet to come. We invite you to take the next step.