Alumni Awards

Nominations must be received by Friday, April 20, 2021, to be considered for the 2021 Alumni Awards.

Nomination Instructions

Click the button below to complete the nomination form with information on the nominee and a letter of nomination detailing their qualifications. You are encouraged to also attach the nominee's résumé, CV, or biography along with any additional supporting materials (e.g., news articles, profiles, etc.), but it is not required.

Nominations and supporting materials may also be submitted to or by mail to:

Office of Alumni Relations
Attn: Alumni Awards
Thomas Jefferson University
Pinizzotto-Ammon Alumni Center
1020 Locust Street, Suite 210
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Alumni Awards

Graham J. Littlewood, III ’42 Time, Talent & Treasure Award

The Graham J. Littlewood, III ’42 Time, Talent & Treasure Award was established in 2001 to honor an outstanding graduate who has contributed time, talent, and treasure through a commitment to the mission of the University and to future generations of Jefferson students. The award is presented annually at Homecoming to celebrate the achievements and contributions of an outstanding graduate.

The award is named for a distinguished alumnus, Graham J. Littlewood, III, ’42, a shining example of giving back to the community. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he studied Chemistry at the then Philadelphia Textile Institute (PTI), and afterward, joined his family’s dyeing firm, G.J. Littlewood & Son, based in Philadelphia. He was the fourth generation of Littlewoods to work for the firm and rose to the role of President. He was an active member of the PTI Alumni Association for many years, serving as President in 1965-66.

2001: Robert C. Lockyer, BS '68
2002: Irving R. Gerber, BS '69
2004: Martin J. Zeldin, BS '55
2005: Robert J. Reichlin, BS '47
2008: Virginia Barakat, MBA '95
2009: David L. Morgan, BS '65
2010: L. Tadd Schwab, BS '75
           Sandra Scher Schwab, BS '77
2011: Harold “Duke” Pototsky, BS '58
2012: Margaret W. Maclay, BS '83
2013: Kevin J. Kodz, BS '97
2014: William J. Wallace, BS '67
2015: David A. Gingras, BS '69
2016: Jim G. Geise, BS '89
2017: William A. Finn, BS '67
2018: John Oughton, BS '71
2019: Bryant M. Greene, MBA '96
2020: Harold Ronson, BS '51

Frank L. Giese Textile Award

The Frank L. Giese Textile Award was established by Philadelphia College of Textiles & Sciences alumni in 1970 in honor of Dr. Frank L. Giese, professor emeritus of Textiles. The award is presented at Homecoming in recognition of an individual's contributions to innovation in the design, technology, or marketing of textile products and outstanding and significant impact on the textile industry.

2013: Jeffrey W. Bruner, BS '73
2014: Robert A. Barnhardt, BS '59
2015: Steven R. Clarke, BS '80
2016: Frank Ko, BS '70
2017: Eli Caplan, BS '63
          Sloan D. Caplan, MS '01
2018: Mark A. Sunderland, BS '84, MS '06
2019: Francis Scardino, BS '58
2020: Steven M. Spivak, BS '63, PhD

Leadership in Philanthropy Award

The Leadership in Philanthropy Award was founded in 2013 and honors visionary leaders and philanthropists.

2013: Robert J. Kunik, BS '53
2014: Harold R. Ronson, BS '51
2015: L. Tadd Schwab, BS '75
          Sandra Scher Schwab, BS '77

Young Alumni Achievement Award

The Young Alumni Achievement Award was established in 2009 by Philadelphia University's First 5 Council. It honors and recognizes the personal and professional achievements of a Jefferson—East Falls Campus or Philadelphia University graduate of the last ten years and is presented at Homecoming.

2009: Brandon A. Francis, BS '01, MD, MPH
2010: Marissa C. Maximo, MS '02
2011: Andrew L. Skurdal, BS '04
2012: Melissa M. Cherepanya, BS '07
2013: Vince Lattanzio, BS '07
2014: Cory J. Brugger, BArch '04
2015: Troy Hannigan, BArch '09
          Erike De Veyra, BArch '09
2016: Elizabeth J. Darin, BS '13
2018: Christina Wong, BS '08
2019: Brian Corcodilos, BArch '13
2020: Didier Barjon, BS '14