Jeff Alumni Chats

Alumni FAQs

Between 1 and 3 times. After the first chat, it is up to both participants to determine whether they’d like to meet again for another chat or conclude their conversation.

You are welcome to connect with one student (or multiple students) as often as your schedule allows. Please be sure to indicate your preferences on the volunteer form.

The matches can decide whether they’d like to meet virtually or in person at a location and time that is convenient for both participants. In-person meetings must be held in a public space.

During the Fall 2021 pilot, it is requested that the first meeting take place in October 2021. Any subsequent meetings may be in November and December.

Keep it short! We recommend meeting up for 30 minutes. If you’d like to keep going longer than 30 minutes, you may if your schedule allows or set up another 30-minute meeting to continue the conversation.

We hope to secure hosts across the nation to accommodate our students.

Students will expect an opportunity to connect with you and gain invaluable insights into the education, life, and career of a physician. As an alumni volunteer, you can offer the benefit of your own experiences, providing an insider’s view of the medical profession, your specialty, and experience in medical school.

Alumni benefit by knowing they are assisting tomorrow’s physicians with easing some of the anxieties surrounding medical school and their future careers. As an alumni volunteer, you also have the unique opportunity to learn firsthand from a student about the Jefferson experience of today.

Complete and submit the online Alumni Volunteer Registration Form. An Alumni Relations staff member will then contact you if there is a student participant whose needs match your experience. Please note that, while we strive to match as many alumni volunteers with students as we can, we cannot guarantee that all volunteers will be connected with a match.

Once you’ve been matched with a student, the student is asked to contact you as soon as they receive your contact information to arrange your first chat.

The student that you are matched with will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about any changes in their schedule, and you should do the same.

Yes, please contact Alumni Relations at or (215) 955-7750 to let us know the session took place and to share any feedback. We will also formally reach out in November 2021 for your feedback on the pilot of this program to help the SKMC Alumni Association refine it before broadly launching it.

You are also welcome to keep in touch with the student with whom you were matched!