Jeff Alumni Chats

Student FAQs

During this iteration of the program, Jeff Alumni Chats is open to third-year students, who will be matched through March.

We will try our best to find an alumnus/a who matches your needs, but we cannot guarantee that a match will be available.

Contacting busy physicians sometimes takes a bit of time, so please be patient with us in finding you a match. The sooner a request is submitted, the more likely you are to be matched. We will do our best to match you with someone who fits your criteria.

If a match is not available, you will be notified.

All alumni volunteers are SKMC alumni or post-graduate alumni from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (or Jefferson Health affiliate hospitals) who have agreed to participate in the Jeff Alumni Chats program.

There are Jefferson alumni throughout the country, so meetings may take place virtually or in person depending on what is convenient for the alumnus/a and you. In-person meetings must be held in a public space. 

Alumni may provide invaluable professional insight on the community, the hospital, and your prospective residency program, and other career-related topics. It is important to note, some alumni may prefer meet you virtually, while others are willing to meet in person. Again, in-person meetings must be held in a public space.

Keep it short! We recommend meeting up for 30 minutes. If you’d like to keep going longer than 30 minutes, you should check to see if the alumnus/a has time to continue chatting or if they’d like to set up another 30-minute meeting to continue the conversation.

Between 1 and 3 times. After the first chat, it is up to both participants to determine whether they’d like to meet again for another chat. 

After you have completed the Student Participant Registration form, we will begin looking for an alumni match for you. Once we find a match, we will share their information with you. It is then up to you to promptly contact your match and begin scheduling a 30-minute meeting either virtually or in person. We ask that you contact them as soon as we give you their information so plans can be confirmed.

Contact your match as soon as we give you their information. PROMPT CONTACT IS VERY IMPORTANT! You should contact them again at least 24 hours before your scheduled chat as a reminder and to confirm the details.

We understand that plans change—but it is very important to contact your match as soon as possible to let them know. Try to reschedule the initial chat. If Alumni Relations can be of assistance, please let us know!

Yes, we ask that you send a thank you note to your alumni match. Then, please contact Alumni Relations at to share your feedback so we can improve the program in the future. If your visit was in person, please take a photo of you and your match to submit to us upon your return. We’d love to use it to promote the program in the future!