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Department of Counseling & Behavioral Health


The Counseling and Behavioral Health Department at Jefferson was formed to increase collaboration among behavioral health programs across the East Falls (Philadelphia), Center City (Philadelphia), and Camden County (New Jersey) campuses and to plan meaningfully for behavioral health program expansion across the Jefferson Enterprise.

The Department currently houses two distinctive graduate programs. The MS degree program in Community and Trauma Counseling is a 60-credit masters program that prepares students for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential. Students enrolled in the MS in CTC program can choose to pursue a Specialization in Art Therapy (69 credits for MS + Art Therapy) or a Specialization in Trauma, Addictions, and Recovery (69 credits for MS + Addictions).  The MFT degree program in Couple and Family Therapy is a 66 credit master’s program that is a nationally accredited program and prepares graduates for the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy credential.  Students in this program can choose a Sex Therapy Track or a Family Therapy Track.

Additionally, the Department offers an undergraduate minor in Child Trauma Studies, an expedited 5-year combined bachelor/master’s degree program in Psychology or Health Sciences (BS) and Community and Trauma Counseling (MS), as well as an array of certificate programs, including:

The Department also offers multiple programs and training opportunities beyond the degree and certificate programs to contribute to behavioral health workforce development regionally and nationally.