Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications For Daniel Baugh Institute

A data-driven modeling approach to identify disease-specific multi-organ networks driving physiological dysregulation

Single-cell transcriptional analysis reveals novel neuronal phenotypes and interaction networks involved in the central circadian clock

Systemic leukotriene B4receptor antagonism lowers arterial blood pressure and improves autonomic function in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

The role of the gut-brain axis in alcohol use disorders

MicroRNA network changes in the brain stem underlie the development of hypertension

Multiscale model of dynamic neuromodulation integrating neuropeptide-induced signaling pathway activity with membrane electrophysiology

Identifying functional gene regulatory network phenotypes underlying single cell transcriptional variability

Intracellular Information Processing through Encoding and Decoding of Dynamic Signaling Features

Computational modeling of cytokine signaling in microglia

What is it to be Conscious?

Inputs drive cell phenotype variability

Dynamic transcriptomics: Transcriptomic discovery of a biological multiple-input multiple-output heart control mechanism

Coordinated Dynamic Gene Expression Changes in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala During Alcohol Withdrawal

Rapid Temporal Changes in the Expression of a Set of Neuromodulatory Genes During Alcohol Withdrawal in the Dorsal Vagal Complex: Molecular Evidence of Homeostatic Disturbance

Integrative gene regulatory network analysis reveals light-induced regional gene expression phase shift programs in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus

Temporal changes in innate immune signals in a rat model of alcohol withdrawal in emotional and cardiorespiratory homeostatic nuclei

The neuroscience-systems biology disconnect: Towards the NeuroPhysiome

Adaptive transcriptional dynamics of A2 neurons and central cardiovascular control pathways

Robust dynamic balance of AP-1 transcription factors in a neuronal gene regulatory network

Cellular-signaling pathway signatures