Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications For Daniel Baugh Institute

Introduction to the Virtual Issue Alcohol and Epigenetic Regulation: Do the Products of Alcohol Metabolism Drive Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression in Alcohol-Related Disorders?

Credibility, replicability, and reproducibility in simulation for biomedicine and clinical applications in neuroscience

SPSNet: Subpopulation-sensitive network-based analysis of heterogeneous gene expression data

Multiscale modeling in the clinic: diseases of the brain and nervous system

The path from mitochondrial ROS to aging runs through the mitochondrial permeability transition pore

Alcohol-Mediated Missplicing of Mcl-1 Pre-mRNA is Involved in Neurotoxicity

Novel influences of IL-10 on CNS inflammation revealed by integrated analyses of cytokine networks and microglial morphology

A data-driven modeling approach to identify disease-specific multi-organ networks driving physiological dysregulation

Biochemical effects of exercise on a fasciocutaneous flap in a rat model

Chronic alcohol feeding potentiates hormone-induced calcium signalling in hepatocytes

Mitochondrial Ca2+and regulation of the permeability transition pore

Mitochondrial fusion dynamics is robust in the heart and depends on calcium oscillations and contractile activity

Pattern analysis uncovers a chronic ethanol-induced disruption of the switchlike dynamics of C/EBP-β and C/EBP-α genome-wide binding during liver regeneration

Single-cell transcriptional analysis reveals novel neuronal phenotypes and interaction networks involved in the central circadian clock

Systemic leukotriene B4receptor antagonism lowers arterial blood pressure and improves autonomic function in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Computational Modeling of Spatiotemporal Ca2+Signal Propagation Along Hepatocyte Cords

Integrated live imaging and molecular profiling of embryoid bodies reveals a synchronized progression of early differentiation

Synergistic effects of ascorbate and sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma: New insights into ascorbate cytotoxicity

Aging effects on pedicled fasciocutaneous flap survival in rats

A novel comparative pattern analysis approach identifies chronic alcohol mediated dysregulation of transcriptomic dynamics during liver regeneration