Marianne Able Career Services Center


We recognize how important faculty are to the success of students and value your partnership in the career planning process.

Career Services partnership opportunities for faculty include:

  • Provide classroom presentations on Resumes/Cover Letters, Job Search, LinkedIn/Social Media, Networking, Grad School
  • Engage employers for on campus recruiting, industry partnerships, and job postings
  • Network with Thomas Jefferson University alumni willing to talk about their jobs and careers for students and faculty on LinkedIn alumni groups
  • Refer students to participate in mock interviews for internships, full time jobs, and graduate school
  • Tailor career programming for your majors/programs through career spotlights, industry panels, employer class visits
  • Administer the Academic Internship Program for students to receive credit for internships
  • Provide data regarding senior success and internships

Don't Cancel Class Program
Career Services recently launched the “Don’t Cancel Class” campaign in the fall of 2016. We were overwhelmed with positive feedback and requests from faculty/staff. We want to continue the program, and make it available to all faculty and staff that would like to integrate Career Services into their curriculum or that may be canceling a class. Career Services would be more than happy to teach a class that an instructor may not be able to attend.

We ask that the requests be made at least 2 WEEKS before the presentation date. Requests will be taken in the order they are received. Unfortunately, because of other commitments throughout the year, Career Services may not be able to accommodate all requests. In Fall 2019/Spring 2020, we are presenting on three different topics Interviewing Skills/Salary Negotiation, The Future of Work, and Professional Branding. These topics will be updated every semester. Let us know which presentation would be best for your class. We are also open to customization for individual classes.

Look forward to partnering with you in the future!