Office of Student Engagement

Information for Faculty & Staff

Our commitment to service-learning is stronger than ever, and as an interested faculty member, you are at the forefront of this exciting educational movement. Bridging the gap between textbooks and the real world allows our students to realize how they can make a difference and that their education is part of the process of becoming active members of their community. More than simply applying volunteerism as a course component, service-learning courses provide the opportunity to uphold our strong tradition of graduating well-rounded professionals with diverse interests and experiences.

The benefits of service learning transcend the student-teacher relationship. Students are able to apply their classroom education to real-world settings and develop a sense of civic engagement, an educational objective that all too often we forego. They are able to explore new ideas while learning the values and skills that make them good citizens in their communities.

The benefit to faculty is that it simply makes our courses better. In a truly collaborative educational environment, one of the many truths is that education cannot exist in a vacuum and be effective. Combining practical and relevant service opportunities with the lessons presented in the classroom makes all involved parties stronger, creating better graduates and better communities.