Office of Student Engagement

Serve 101

The Undergraduate Education Committee (UEC) approved a one-credit Civic Engagement SERVE-101 class. This hybrid course is an innovative approach to promoting civic engagement that stays consistent with the University’s Award-Winning Strategic Plan by focusing on signature learning that “deepen(s) and broaden(s) experiential learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom (p. 18).” This course also promulgates the mission of Thomas Jefferson University by “blending liberal arts and sciences, professional students, interdisciplinary learning, and collaborations in and out of the classroom (2008 Revised Mission Statement).”

SERVE-101 is designed to create an opportunity to understand the reciprocal nature and responsibility of citizenship through both practical applications and critical reflection. Students will have the option to work with a community partner, explore the impact of service on the community, and understand the vehicles that contribute meaningful social action to address societal and policy issues that perpetuate social inequities. This intentional service, reflection, understanding, and action model is designed to help students evolve from volunteers to ethically responsible citizens.

Students have 2 enrollment options: earn a free-standing credit or use the course to satisfy one or both of their PE graduation requirements. SERVE-101 meets in class for five one-hour sessions. Instructors are expected to hold individual meetings with each student, review Blackboard journaling assignments, and oversee a 10-15 hour service project. For full-time faculty, the course will be considered an over-load. For adjunct faculty, compensation will be appropriate for current standing and credit hours.

If you are interested in teaching a course, please contact the Office of Student Development. SERVE-101 instructors should have an advanced degree and a history of using service-learning and/or experiential education in their background.