Office of Student Engagement

East Falls Partnership

Dear East Falls Community Members,

Thomas Jefferson University is invested in the local community.  We are particularly committed to being a good neighbor to nearby residents. We are invested in being a positive resource in the local community. We are particularly committed to being a good neighbor.

We believe that establishing effective communication channels and providing information to both students and permanent residents of our neighborhoods will go a long way toward achieving mutual respect and high quality of life for everyone.

We place great importance on educating our students about their personal responsibility and on advising our neighbors of the University’s policies regarding student accountability. In order to create and sustain harmonious living among long-term East Falls residents and off-campus University students, it is important for all residents to maintain civil communication and understanding. In doing so, we recommend that local landlords and property managers review and abide by Philadelphia housing laws and landlord requirements.

Please understand that Jefferson has limited jurisdiction off-campus. However, University officials are made aware of off-campus issues and disturbances by students through local law enforcement. The Dean of Students intervenes in all cases in which students are identified as problems in the community.  In order to develop positive and engaged citizens, we work to educate our students on appropriate off-campus behavior and responsible actions by distributing information and providing programs for students to help them understand their rights and responsibilities. 

Please contact the Jefferson Office of Student Life at 215-851-2740 with any questions or if you would like to further discuss off-campus living issues.