Office of Student Engagement

New Commuter & Off-Campus Students

A common early fear of commuting students (and their families) is that living off-campus is a disadvantage. While commuting to campus may present some challenges, studies have indicated that students who have high interaction with their university's academic and social systems are more likely to persist in college. What does this mean? Students living off-campus, are just as likely to be engaged as residential students, and their engagement is positively related to college success. Let us help you make the most of your Jefferson experience!

Check out our initiatives offered to better assist our 1st year/new transfer off-campus students:

  • Request a Commuter Assistant (CA) Students can request to be matched with a CA based on major, year, interests, or at random. Connect with your CA during their office hours, through email, or schedule meet ups. CAs also plan events based on interest. Past programs include rock climbing, imax movie trips, mocktail study session, quizzo night, and more!  
  • Earn Commuter Cash (C-Cash) for your involvement, utilization of campus resources, and participation in the campus community. At the end of each semester, you can use your C-Cash to win prizes.  We get prize ideas directly from YOU so be prepared to earn your C-Cash and share your ideas.
  • Network with other commuters at Commuter Community Meetings/Events facilitated by our amazing CA staff.  
  • The opportunities listed above are only a glimpse of what Jefferson has to offer. Take advantage of them! Please don’t hesitate to contact the CA staff with any questions or concerns.