Office of Student Life & Engagement


In an effort to better serve our student organizations, the Office of Student Life & Engagement has put together the following resources.

In an effort to provide additional support to our student organizations, the Office of Student Life & Engagement has made bulk purchases of some of the most frequently used items by our student organizations. This allows us to offer these items to our student organizations at a reduced price and provides a convenient alternative to purchasing them from a store or vendor.

After a student organization lets us know what supplies they want to order, our office will debit the corresponding total from their student organization operating account or agency account (an approved Request to Purchase Form must be on file). The items will then be packaged and available for pickup from the Office of Student Life & Engagement (JAH 105) during normal business hours.

The Following Items Are Available for Student Organizations to Purchase From Our Office:

Paper Products

All paper products are available for purchase in packs of 25, except napkins. Napkins are available in packs of 100, to provide an estimated four napkins per person. You may order as many packs of the following paper products as you need for an event.

  • Dixie 9" Paper Plates (suitable for lunch or dinner) – 25 pack for $2.50
  • Dixie 6 7/8" Paper Plates (suitable for snacks) – 25 pack for $2.50
  • Dixie 12 oz. Bowls – 25 pack for $2.50
  • Solo 10 oz. Clear Plastic Cups (cold beverages) – 25 pack for $2.50
  • Dixie Heavyweight Black Forks – 25 pack for $1.00
  • Dixie Heavyweight Black Knives – 25 pack for $1.00
  • Dixie Heavyweight Black Spoons – 25 pack for $1.00
  • White paper napkins (restaurant dispenser style) – 100 pack for $1.00


We are able to offer you the following items at a 20% discount from their standard price. Prices listed below already reflect the discount. These items may be ordered in any quantity.

  • Jefferson Mug – $6.25 each
    • 16 oz. blue ceramic mug with Jefferson University name and logo on front.
  • Jefferson Drinking Glass – $4.75 each
    • 16 oz. clear glass with blue bottom and blue "Thomas Jefferson University" text.

We are also able to provide you with clear plastic treat bags and candy to be placed inside of the mugs or drinking glasses.

Clear Plastic Treat Bag (4" x 9 1/2" with closure tie)

  • Five or fewer bags – Complimentary.
  • 10 pack – $1.00.

Clear Plastic Treat Bag FILLED WITH CANDY and Tied With Ribbon

  • $1.00 each.
  • Typically miniature chocolates, such as Hershey's, Mars, or Nestle, are used; non-chocolate candy may be requested.
  • If purchasing the above mugs or drinking glasses AND the Clear Plastic Treat Bag Filled With Candy, the treat bag with candy will be placed inside the mug or glass.

Parking Passes

For student organizations in need of parking passes for their activities and events (e.g., to provide to an outside speaker), you may obtain them directly from our office.

  • Hamilton Garage Day – $13.00/parking pass
  • Hamilton Garage Night/Weekend – $8.00/parking pass

The following resource sheets have been created to assist and support student organization officers in their roles. Click on each image to view the file. Additional guides and checklists specific to university policy, procedure, and timelines can be found in the Student Organization Link Canvas course.

Developing Goals
Leading an Effective Meeting
Officer Transitions
Recruiting Members

The following goods are available in our office to our student organizations, free of charge.

Art Supplies:

  • Markers and crayons
  • Scissors
  • Paper (butcher paper, color paper)
  • Posterboards

Items Available to Borrow for an Event:

  • Individual dry erase boards (8 1/2" x 11", white, black marker attached)
  • Markers and crayons