Employee Membership Updates

Membership Fees

Employees who wish to access our facility will now be required to enroll in a monthly membership option. Please note that until further notice, the JRFC will not be offering towel or locker services.

Membership fees for employees will be a flat rate of $40/month via payroll deduction ($20/pay period). We are not accepting cash, debit, or credit at this time. Membership applications are now strictly online through our website to ensure a contactless transaction.

From March 22, 2021, until April 30, 2022, we will not be charging for memberships. Beginning May 1, employees will be required to have an active membership to use the facility. Please be sure to fill out the membership form on our website prior to reserving a time slot in the facility.

You will receive an email reminder to renew your membership seven (7) days before your current membership expires. We ask that you fill out another membership application through our website once you receive this reminder to ensure your access in our facility. You can find our membership application using the link below. We hope to see you soon!

At this time, no family, visitor, or alumni membership will be issued.