Thomas Jefferson University

Information for Residency Program Directors

Helping House Staff Get Connected with the Emotional Health and Wellness Program

Upon recognizing a House Staff officer in need of assistance, residency training directors, faculty, and staff can help residents get connected with the Emotional Health and Wellness Program by informing them of the services available through the EHWP and supporting them in making an appointment.  Many physicians in training may be hesitant to make that “first step” in seeking counseling, so giving them some information about the process can do a lot to help.

To schedule an appointment through the EHWP, Jefferson residents can call the main counseling center number at (215) 503-2817, or from an on-campus phone can call 5-HELP for counseling, health services, and support group information at Jefferson. It is helpful to inform the resident that he or she should leave their name and contact information on the confidential voicemail for Dr. Deanna Nobleza, Director of the EHWP. All calls will be returned within one business day.

The Emotional Health and Wellness Program for House Staff includes a team of physicians, board-certified in Psychiatry who have expertise working with residents and physicians in need of support and counseling.  The program offers individual counseling, psychiatric consultation, as well as wellness workshops and health programs throughout the year.

All Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, House Staff are eligible for three visits without charge.  During the initial meeting, the resident will develop a course of action with their physician, which may include continuing counseling services on campus or receiving a referral to an off-campus provider. Occasionally, one session proves sufficient.  In some situations, the resident decides to see an EHWP physician on an ongoing basis. 

For residents who desire ongoing counseling, the EHWP offers services at reduced fees for House Staff.  For those who prefer to see an in-network provider, our psychiatrists can assist in getting residents connected with an off-campus provider.   For additional questions about fees and eligibility, please call the Director of the EHWP, Deanna Nobleza, MD at (215) 503-2817.