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The Career Development Center on the Center City Campus serves all Jefferson students, post-docs & alumni. Our office specializes in assisting those in the Jefferson Colleges of Health Professions, Life Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Population Health, and Rehabilitation Sciences

COVID-19 Update: The Career Development Center will continue to serve as a resource to students during this period of online instruction. At this time, all student appointments will be conducted remotely (via phone or Zoom). Please schedule your appointment on Handshake and feel free to reach out to us at 215-503-5805 with any questions.

Students also have access to our virtual career cafes.

Please have your resume uploaded to Handshake prior to your drop in for easy accessibility.

"Drop in" during the hours indicated on Canvas and have your resume reviewed by a Career Ambassador. Links to the virtual drop-in hours are also available in Handshake's resource library. Please upload your resume to Handshake ( prior to dropping by.

The Career Development Center on the Center City Campus stand in solidarity with our Black students and alumni. 400 years of oppression, violence, and anguish again came to national attention a couple weeks ago. We know that part of the equation for justice involves access to and equality in career opportunities. More and better career options expand economic opportunities and well-being that extends beyond the individual and to families and communities while creating the dynamics to further increase justice within society. More and more diverse role models give hope and vision to the next generation. More and better career options means more leaders sitting at the table and more voices being heard.

The issue of embedded, systemic discrimination is an injustice we have long strived to address in our practice, but too often our statements of solidarity and the work we do has been implicit, rather than explicit.

What does that explicit messaging look like? On June 10th our national association published a blog post by our director, calling our profession to do better and sustain the fight, including examining what we take as assumed in our practice

Over the summer we will expand our resource library with particular attention to resources that raise visibility on this front; and we are already reviewing our workshops and other materials to better address topics and language where racism often creeps into conversations around career and employment. For example use of "professionalism" without unpacking the baggage that term can bring into the conversation. We are doing that unpacking. We are listening and taking concrete action. We stand with you.


Schedule an appointment 24/7 on Handshake.

The  Center offers help with all aspects of the job search from developing resumes, CVs and cover letters, strengthening interviewing skills, and designing effective job search strategies to evaluating and negotiating job offers. We do this via individual appointments, class outreach, on-campus career fairs, networking events, and much more! We also assist employers with their hiring needs, including participation in on-campus career fairs, job-posting services, and other campus outreach efforts.

Career Development Center Info

Career Checklist

Career Checklist

Center City Campus

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Edison Building
Suite 1120

(215) 503-5805

East Falls Campus

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

313 Kanbar Campus Center
(215) 951-2930

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