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***A note to staff and faculty: You are welcome to join our webinars! To access the webinar, please log-on to at the date and time of the session. Type your name (you may use your name or initials), then click "Enter Room". Make sure your speakers are on and the volume is up.

If you are unable to make the live webinar, please return to this page after the presentation for a recording.

Past Webinars

Career Services Bootcamp

This webinar is a one stop shop, combining our most popular topics (Resumes, Interviewing, LinkedIn, Networking) into a quick 60 minute program! You'll learn...

  • How to tailor your resume and write descriptive bullets using action verbs
  • About using the STAR technique to answer behavioral-based interview questions
  • About Katie's favorite LinkedIn tip, the Find Alumni tab
  • Why informational interviewing is the most effective tool in your career toolbox

Listen and view the recording here.


Resume Writing
Whether it is your first time writing a resume, or you've been in the job market before, this webinar will give you the tools you need to create an effective resume. You'll learn how to...

  • Write an attention-grabbing summary statement or objective section
  • Write descriptive bullets using action verbs and SAR
  • Tailor your resume, explain gaps, highlight transferable skills (good for career changers)

Listen and view the recording here.

Are You LinkedIn?
We'll discuss the basics of LinkedIn, then move on to tips for improving your profile (and preparing it for employers' eyes!) You'll also learn the best ways to develop your (real life) network using LinkedIn. This webinar is targeted for job seekers, but those who wish to learn about LinkedIn in general are welcome!

Listen and view the recording here.

Job Search Strategies
The right job is out there, but how do you find it? This webinar will review resources for finding opportunities, as well as networking, informational interviewing and social media.

Listen and view the recording here.

Interviewing Skills 
Suit up! You have the interview, but what's next? You'll learn how to prepare for interviews, what to wear, and how to answer behavioral based questions. You'll also walk away feeling more prepared to answer questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" 

Listen and view the recording here.

Informational Interviewing
Networking can be an intimidating process, but informational interviews are one of the most important tools for a successful job search. An informational interview is a meeting where you, the job seeker, talks with an individual who will provide insight into an industry, career, or organization. Attend this webinar to learn how to successfully network!​

Listen and view the recording here.

Who Am I? 

Do you know your personality type?  This webinar will review the 16 personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and help you determine if you'd like to take the assessment in the future. We'll discuss how your type influences your career choice, colleagues, relationships and personal development. 

Listen and view the recording here.

Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers
The first three slides are missing in the recording - view them here.

What do I write when they request my salary expectations? How do I negotiate? How do I know this is the right job for me? Get your questions answered!

Listen and view the recording here.

Professional Writing: Keeping it "Totes Profesh"

Academic Support Services and the Career Development Center are excited to partner and present about professional writing. This webinar covers general writing tips, talks about the structure of a great cover letter, email etiquette, thank you notes, and more!

Listen and view the recording here.

Strategically Brag! Your Personal Pitch

Developing your personal brand is essential for job seekers, especially when preparing for interviews and career fairs. However, it may feel challenging to communicate your strengths to employers without sounding like you are bragging! In this webinar you'll learn how to develop a brief and effective "elevator pitch" that differentiates you from the competition by highlighting your unique skills and strengths. You can use this pitch as a starting point for conversations at career fairs, and for answering "Tell me about yourself" questions in interviews.

Listen and view the recording here.

Identifying Alternative Career Paths

What happens when the job you pursued an education for is no longer available or of interest? What do you do when there are 300 applicants for each open position, and you can't get your foot in the door? Whether you are just starting in your first job search or hoping to switch careers, this Webinar can teach you how to develop a plan that assists in your job search efforts. ​

Listen and view the recording here.

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